Experience in Water Based Projects

Project Lots Region / Location Comments
(* denotes UDIA award winning projects)


PROJECT: Port Mandurah

Lots: 600


COMMENTS: Residential canal development comprising 600 waterfront lots connecting to the Mandurah Estuary, including 10 kilometres of canals, breakwaters and two traffic bridges.


PROJECT: Port Geographe

Lots: 600


COMMENTS: Water based urban development in Busselton comprising residential canal estate, boat marinas, breakwaters, resort and commercial facilities connected to Geographe Bay.


PROJECT: Port Bouvard

Lots: 600

REGION/LOCATION: Adjacent to the Dawesville Channel south of Mandurah

COMMENTS: Residential and resort development comprising residential canal estate, boat harbour, 18 hole golf course and resort facilities.


PROJECT: Mandurah Quays


REGION/LOCATION: Located on the Peel inlet at Mandurah Resort

COMMENTS: Residential development, comprising boat harbour, and medium density housing.


PROJECT: Port Catherine


REGION/LOCATION: In the Perth suburb of Spearwood

COMMENTS: Concept planning of redevelopment of former industrial area comprising residential canal estate, boat harbour and marina, breakwaters and resort facilities connected to Cockburn Sound.


PROJECT: Mandurah Ocean Marina


REGION/LOCATION: 74km South of Perth in Mandurah


Development of existing marina area including upgrading of sea wall, boat marina, and boat servicing facilities, together with the development of sites for surrounding residential, commercial and resort facilities.