CW has an up-to-date range of in-house computer facilities in its Perth and Melbourne offices, specially developed for the design and drafting of all aspects of engineering works for land development projects.

These facilities include the latest versions of AUTOCAD and 12d Model software which enable designs to be completed in 3 dimensions and provide, therefore, the ability to fine tune earthworks and road designs to best suit land development requirements and the creation of attractive building lots.

Cossill and Webley are able to ensure road designs accommodate the required design vehicles using the latest versions of AUTOTURN and TORUS software.

Cossill & Webley are able to model stormwater drainage systems, including detention basins, etc. using XP Storm and 12d Model drainage analysis modules.

The facilities also allow for quick turn-around time and ensure the efficiency of all work carried out by the firm in relation to both cost and time. CW is able to link its computer data base with that of other members of the project team to ensure easier and quicker transfer of information and greater uniformity in documentation.