CW is fully committed to developing and assisting their clients in leading the industry in innovation and sustainability. CW has been involved in the Ellenbrook Project since inception and this project was the inaugural winner of the UDIA ‘Sustainability Urban Development’ award in 2004 and was also the recipient of the UDIA ‘Affordable Development’ award in 2007.

Avril Thomson and Craig Hansen are also members of the Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering, a chapter of the Institute of Engineers Australia.

CW is also the Engineering Consultant on the Brighton Project. CW played a key part in the development and procurement of the ‘third pipe’ which was a key component of the Developer’s water management strategy and culminated in winning the UDIA ‘Water Sensitive Urban Development’ award in 2007. Additionally CW is involved in another two Water Corporation ‘third pipe’ trials being developed at Evermore and Banksia Grove.

Some examples of our involvement in sustainability measures and initiatives which may be applicable to this project are listed below. Further details can be provided if required.

  • Establishment of a “third pipe (non potable supply) system
  • Use of bioretention swales
  • Alternative power in telecommunication systems
  • Use of bottomless drainage pits
  • Re-use of topsoil and cleaned vegetation

At an operational level CW has incorporated a number of its own sustainability measures including:

  • Digital transfer of information to reduce paper consumption
  • Energy saving lights
  • Central control to reduce after hours power consumption
  • Climate controlled and timer set heating and cooling
  • Use of natural light where possible
  • Recycling of paper and other waste products
  • Staff incentives to catch public transport or ride/walk to work