Programme and Cost Control

CW recognises the importance to our clients of maintaining tight control on programme and costs to ensure that project works are completed on time and within budget. We know how difficult it is to manage projects should this not be the case.

Our approach to ensuring this is very much people orientated in that our in-house management system are not reliant on wholly automated systems which often only provide a record of problems after it is too late to remedy them.

We make a point of maintaining a close contact with the construction industry with respect to the current costs for construction works to ensure that our cost estimating for budgets, etc is both accurate and realistic. As a result we are continually reviewing rates and future cost trends to maintain accurate costing information.

Our programme control is achieved through an emphasis on tight in-house management, through the commitment of our staff to provide the effort required to meet deadlines set for our work and through the maintenance of very close scrutiny by our engineers of contractors performance on construction works. In all cases the firm's aim is to foresee problems before they occur and the experience of our personnel is the key to us achieving this.