Innovation in Design and Construction

The competitive nature of the urban development industry is such that there is an essential need for a very innovative approach to the planning, design and construction of projects to maintain the cost effectiveness of the project works, maximise the amenity which they provide their future communities and, above all, maximise their marketability.

CW strives to achieve innovation in everything we do from initial concept design to completion of construction and we commit much of our time to this end. At the same time we recognise the need to maintain functionality and to set sensible criteria, developed with the client, against which the justification for attempting new directions is measured. We do not believe in change for change's sake.

CW is responsive to the ideas of other project team members, particularly the Town Planner and Landscape Architect and we make every effort to accommodate their requirements in our design work. We are prepared to put in any amount of effort to achieve innovation if our clients are satisfied that the results will be justified in overall project terms.