Industrial and Commercial Subdivision Projects

Project Lots Region / Location Comments
(* denotes UDIA award winning projects)


PROJECT: Neerabup *

Lots: 120ha

REGION/LOCATION: Perth’s north-west corridor

COMMENTS: Incorporating the requirements for sand and limestone reserve extraction.


PROJECT: Pinjarra *

Lots: 100ha

REGION/LOCATION:  West of Pinjarra with the Peel estuary catchment

COMMENTS:  Incorporates the current best management practices for stormwater management.


PROJECT: Enterprise Park *

Lots: 250

REGION/LOCATION:  Wangara area of Perth’s north-west corridor

COMMENTS: Innovative industrial estate, which is home to about 250 businesses supporting employment in the City of Wanneroo.


PROJECT: East Rockingham Area *


REGION/LOCATION:  South of Kwinana’s industrial precinct

COMMENTS: Seven precincts suitable for warehousing, transport and logistics, medium to large fabricators and marine industries.


PROJECT: Jandakot Industrial *

Lots: 60

REGION/LOCATION:  Jandakot industrial area



PROJECT: Woodvale Commercial *


REGION/LOCATION:  In the Perth suburb of Woodvale

COMMENTS: Commercial development comprising retail, restaurants and service station.


PROJECT: Citygate Development *


REGION/LOCATION:  74km south of Perth

COMMENTS: In Mandurah Service commercial development comprising offices, showrooms and service station.